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Answer() - Constructor for class hotb.pgmacdesign.authenticatingsdk.datamodels.VerifyQuizObj.Answer
API - Static variable in interface hotb.pgmacdesign.authenticatingsdk.networking.APIService
APIService - Interface in hotb.pgmacdesign.authenticatingsdk.networking
Link to web documentation: Created by pmacdowell on 2017-07-13.
AuthenticatingAPICalls - Class in hotb.pgmacdesign.authenticatingsdk.networking
Class that houses API calls.
AuthenticatingAPICalls() - Constructor for class hotb.pgmacdesign.authenticatingsdk.networking.AuthenticatingAPICalls
AuthenticatingAPICalls.ConvertPhotosAsync - Class in hotb.pgmacdesign.authenticatingsdk.networking
This class is used for converting photos of various formats into the correct, usable format This class will be implemented asap in order to make life easier for developers.
AuthenticatingConstants - Class in hotb.pgmacdesign.authenticatingsdk.networking
Created by pmacdowell on 2017-07-13.
AuthenticatingConstants() - Constructor for class hotb.pgmacdesign.authenticatingsdk.networking.AuthenticatingConstants
AuthenticatingException - Exception in hotb.pgmacdesign.authenticatingsdk.datamodels
Created by pmacdowell on 2017-07-25.
AuthenticatingException() - Constructor for exception hotb.pgmacdesign.authenticatingsdk.datamodels.AuthenticatingException
AvailableNetworks - Class in hotb.pgmacdesign.authenticatingsdk.datamodels
This class is used to return the list of networks options that are available for the user to verify / pass their social network test.
AvailableNetworks() - Constructor for class hotb.pgmacdesign.authenticatingsdk.datamodels.AvailableNetworks
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